Year: 2014 | Month: December | Volume 2 | Issue 2

Usability Engineering and HCI Based Information Systems in inside and outside of Home: A Contemporary Conceptual Study

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Human Computer Interaction is one of the important domain and aspect of Information Science. HCI is treated as most vital and valuable gradients in Usability Engineering. HCI and Usability Engineering both are uses for interface designing of portal and other electronic gadgets. Human Computer Interaction is rapidly uses in general computers, laptop, mobile, I-Pad, ATM, Information Kiosk and other portal which are uses by large number of users from several field and segments. Usability Engineering and HCI are close and related field but out of them, Usability Engineering is broad field and HCI is treated as just activity and principles for interface designing and development. This paper is talks about HCI and Usability Engineering which includes their application and contemporary features. Papers also talks about future potentials of using such technologies for common people and community, industries.

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