Year: 2020 | Month: December | Volume 8 | Issue 2

Agricultural Sciences Vs. Agricultural Engineering: An Overview

P.K. Paul R.R. Sinha Anil Bhuimalli K.S. Tiwary Bashiru Aremu Pappachan Baby


Agriculture is one of the important and valuable facets in the world as for the survival we need the foods and from agriculture it has come from. Therefore Agriculture Science is important and consider as most for the betterment of the agriculture in scientific way. Initially Agriculture considered only a tool or way for the crop development and gradually it is become a field of study. Agricultural Science is about the study of plants, pathogens, pests, herbs, chemicals and various physiological properties in better and healthy crops, plants, and vegetable products development with the context of Agriculture sustainable. Agricultural Science is considered as important and valuable applied science deals with suitable methods, tools for the development of agricultural products and foods even including animal cultivation. After the development of Agricultural Science many other allied and related branches have been developed viz. Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Management, and Agricultural Biotechnology etc. Agricultural Engineering is focused with the designing, construction, development of the farming equipments, products, machines, tools etc. for the agricultural development and agricultural unit management. The field is dedicated also in scientific study, experiments, research, evaluation related to the Agricultural Systems. This paper is about the aspects of Agricultural Science and Agricultural Engineering including their features, attributes, natures, functions and roles and so on. Further the paper also deals with the job potentialities of the field as well.

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